Welcome to TPOINT!

By bringing Squash from “hidden” indoor areas into visible outdoor places around the city, the number of participants will increase each year.  Squash will be seen as a healthy, competitive, social & fun sport played on our beautifully designed innovative, digitalized courts – creating a new and exciting sport experience for the players.

Over six thousand leisure centers have been equipped with ASB Squash Courts around the world, and now ASB the innovative squash court manufacturer, has joined with TPOINT to bring a revolutionary squash center solution to the squash community.

TPOINT’s courts enable lighting setup options, wireless speakers, video, smart shading customization, etc. TPOINT is much more than just a squash court – it is a social hub, where one can share scores, watch live games or simply find the next challenge.

We provide our customers with fully digitalized game changing squash solution – encompassing initial planning, design and development to full implementation, construction.