Our creative team will design the smart squash unit according to your needs and specifications. We’ll work together to create a court that matches your aesthetic.

  • Modular design makes it easy to erect and connect more courts
  • Sleek, minimalist lines blend into the outdoor environment
  • Hard-wearing to stand up to every type of weather conditions
  • Extensive eaves serve as shade and weather protection for spectators and other people sharing the outdoor space

Advanced Structure

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Tough enough to stand up to all weather conditions
  • External coating meets DIN EN ISO 12944 standards
  • Oversize eaves stick out from the walls to provide shade and weather protection for spectators and passers-by
  • Acoustic ceiling for improved in-court soundproofing

Glass Walls

  • Brightly-colored ceramic dots inside the unit generates walls that appear as matte and distraction-free from the inside
  • Spectators outside the court enjoy an unobstructed view of matches without disturbing the players
  • Tough 12mm SEKURIT safety glass
  • Walls are maintenance-free and easy to clean

Glass Floor

  • Anti-slip ASB glass floor is the most advanced in the world
  • Grip and ball rebound outperform any rival sports court flooring
  • Matte surface prevents reflections and distractions
  • Court floor meets EN, DIN and ISO standards
  • Easy-to-clean, durable flooring surface for low-cost maintenance



Tpoint smart squash units are created in Germany and Bulgaria by facilities with decades of experience in sports unit manufacture. Every Tpoint squash court is:

  • Made using certified, high-quality materials
  • Manufactured according to EU and Squash Federation standards
  • Delivered with a 10-year warranty
  • Supplied quickly and reliably to order


Tpoint smart units are designed for fast installation anywhere in the world.

  • Our specialist installation team travels from Germany to destinations around the globe
  • Skilled workforce with years of experience erecting glass modular structures
  • We collaborate with on-site teams who guide us to fulfil local regulations

Auto-operated door

  • Secure unit door with aluminum fittings doesn’t require readjustment
  • Players can unlock and lock the door independently through the Tpoint app
  • Unlocking the door automatically activates lighting, sound, and A/C systems
  • Unit managers can check door status through the facility management system

Smart Lighting

  • Players can control the court lighting independently through the Tpoint app
  • Ceiling lightning include dimmer and RGB programmable color options
  • Floor lighting provides court lines and logo markings
  • Fully compliant with international standards

Air Condition

  • Powerful VRF system built into the unit
  • Air conditioning can bring internal temperature to 21°C within 15 minutes
  • Players can customize court temperature independently through the Tpoint app
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty


Tpoint’s intuitive free app allows players to operate every aspect of the court without assistance from management staff. Players can customize the court to their own preferences every time.

With the Tpoint app players can:

  • Unlock and open the door to the court
  • Schedule games with other players
  • Chat with friends
  • Reserve a court anywhere in the world for a specific time slot
  • Adjust the lighting, sound, and temperature control
  • Share data about their performance
  • Receive notifications before, during, and after the game
A/C comtrol screen
Court reservation screen
Inbox screen
Court light setting


Manage and monitor every modular sports unit remotely, hassle-free. With the Tpoint facility management (TFM) app, sports center staff can supervise units and carry out multiple actions without needing to stay on-site. That includes:

  • Customer management. Use TFM to approve new user registration, renew player subscriptions, apply and collect charges and fees, communicate with users, and review game history.
  • Operator and club management. With TFM you can run different facility operator accounts in the same place, and manage international squash clubs with separate subscription plans and regulations.
  • Court management. View and edit court reservations on the integrated TFM calendar to block off time for cleaning, prevent double-bookings, and ensure the best possible use of court time.
  • Asset management. TFM enables sports club managers to monitor and track the location of all club equipment, explore revenue and expenditure on assets, and more.
  • Policy management. Use TFM to define use policies for your courts according to your conditions and needs, including lighting rules, hours of operation, temperature limits for A/C, reservation policy, and more.
Facility Management dashboard